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The development of the center has led to many specific solutions, some of which have been the subject of French and European patents in joint ownership with industrial partners. A more detailed description of these patents is available through the links to the INPI database in the list below.

Ecolab CESBRON-CNRS patent. This patent protects the design and the set of integrated climate functions as well as the dedicated software of the Ecolab, the main equipment of Ecotron IleDeFrance.

Ecorium CESBRON-CNRS patent. This patent protects the know-how and the specificity of the receptacle of the ecosystems conditioned in temperature and installed in the Ecolab.

Ecolux CESBRON-CNRS patent . This patent protects the concept of matrix lighting with Led and the methodology of composition of a light spectrum to the desiderata of the user of Ecotron IleDeFrance. An industrial development was validated in 2014 in order to ensure an exclusive production and resale in France by the industrial partner.

Pressure control device CESBRON-CNRS patent. This patent protects a device for regulating the gaseous pressure of a closed enclosure subjected to temperature variations.