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Research and production greenhouse

The CEREEP experimental greenhouse has been operational since 2011. It consists of a technical hall and two working areas. The first area is devoted to experimental research. It is divided into 2 compartments subdivided into 3 cells. Each compartment is equipped with a heating / cooling system and an individualized photosynthetic lighting system per cell. The plants are grown on cultivation tables and irrigated either by sub-irrigation or by drip irrigation. The second chapel is dedicated in part to the production of plants. It is equipped with cultivation tables on half of its surface. The watering of the crops is done by drip. The other half is not equipped with cultivation tables in order to accommodate other types of experiments, in plant ecology or other. The technical hall houses a large working and storage area. The research greenhouse is dedicated to all types of research in plant evolutionary and ecological biology from organisms to ecosystems. The construction of the greenhouse was financed with funding from the CNRS, the Ile-de-France Region and the GIS Climat.