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Aquatic mescosms

This technical platform has been operational since 2012. It is dedicated to the experimental study of aquatic ecosystems and includes a set of very complementary experimental ponds to explore the dynamics of stagnant, freshwater ecosystems. The evolutionary and functional properties of aquatic ecosystems can be addressed as well as the constraints related to physical heterogeneity (turbulence and water-sediment interface) and to the increase in temperature. The plateau includes three types of experimental basins (standard mesocosms, mesocosms equipped with wave beaters and floating mesocosms) to answer different kinds of questions. The device allows the experimenters to carry out a large number of in situ measurements in an automated or punctual way thanks to a dedicated set of instruments. The experimental systems are fed with water through the urban network or by the recovery of rainwater. The construction of aquatic mesocosms was financed by the CNRS, the Ile-de-France Region, the ANR Equipex PLANAQUA program and the center own resources.

Mésocosmes aquatiques

This platform belongs to the national infrastructure AnaEE France.