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French National Research Agency and national grants

EXTINCTION - Extinction mechanisms in small populations (2008-2012) - Jean-François Le Galliard (Eco-Evo, CNRS)

DESTRESS - Habitat degradation and hormonal stress: combining physiological theory and conservation biology (2013-2017) - Sandrine Meylan (iEES Paris, Sorbonne Université)

ODORSCAPE - Climate change effects on volatile plant compound emissions and their impact on insect olfaction (2015-2018) - Michel Renou (iEES Paris, INRA)

ADEME - BEMEVO - Bioindication and Memory Effect of Exposure of Ozone in Cultivated Plants (2016-2019) - Jean-Jacques Bessoule (LBM Bordeaux, CNRS)

CEA - Control of gas flows in soils through biogeochemical reactions (2016-2020) - Eric Pili (LRC Ens Paris, CEA)

RIBOSTRESS - Genetic, epigenetic and protein-based crosstalks between nucleolus functional reorganization and response to stress (2018-2021) - Julio Sáez-Vasquez (LGDP, Perpignan)

AQUATHERM - The potential of hydroregulation and thermoregulation to influence ecological responses to climate change (2018-2021) - Jean-François Le Galliard (CEREEP-Ecotron, CNRS)

ECOSTAB - New insights on the links between global changes, community structure and ecosystem stability (2018-2021) - Elisa Thébault (iEES Paris, CNRS)


ESFRI - European FP7 call - Project: Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems (2012-2017) - (Abad Chabbi, Ecosys et iEES Paris, INRA)

ESFRI - European H2020 call - I3 AQUACOSM - Project: EU network of mesocosms facilities for research on marine and freshwater ecosystems open for global collaboration (2017-2020) - Jens Nejstgaard (IGB, Berlin)

ERC - European H2020 call - Starting Grant PhotoPHYTOMICS - Project: Photosynthesis in PHYTOplankton Mixtures to Investigate Community Structuration (2017-2020) - Benjamin Bailleul (IBPC Paris, CNRS)


Biosphere 2, Université d’Arizona - Interactions between plants and soil in a basaltic model ecosystem (2014-2018) - Peter Troch (University of Arizona, Tucson)

Nutrient Network: A Global Research Cooperative - University of Minnesota (USA)